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Cronin Fencing

Leading Supplier of Cork Fencing & Gates

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Welcome to Cronin Fencing

Cronin Fencing is an Irish-owned, family-run business established in 1975. We manufacture and install high-quality fencing and gates to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Ireland. We pride ourselves on quality and service, with our aim being to provide our customers with flexible, cost-effective fencing solutions that look as good as they function. All of our fencing products are available in a variety of colours, heights and designs and can be custom-built to your specifications. Cronin Fencing offers the highest quality products at affordable prices, with materials like steel, timber, and PVC available in a variety of colours and designs. All of our products are supplied and fitted to the highest standard by our skilled and experienced technicians. Over our many years in operation we have built a fantastic reputation of manufacturing the highest quality products for our diverse range of customers. We always complete our projects on time and within our agreed budget for excellence in customer service guaranteed.

domestic fencing & gates

Domestic Fencing & Gates

Cronin Fencing is a leading supplier of Cork fencing and gates for private customers, installing a wide range of gate and fencing products in a range of finishes for all types of domestic properties.

commercial fencing

Commercial Fencing

Keep your commercial or industrial property protected and secure with Cork commercial fencing from Cronin Fencing. We offer everything from Cork PVC fencing to high-security automatic gates for businesses.

automatic gates

Automatic Gates

Our automatic gates are leading solutions to enhance the security of your home or commercial building. Choose from a wide range of finishes as well as PVC, timber-like, and steel materials.

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Offering an Extensive Range of Gate & Fencing Solutions

Security Gates

PVC Fencing

Acoustic Fencing

Automated Gates

Decorative Railings

Chevron Fencing

Close Boarded Fencing

Paladin Fencing

Timber Play Area Fencing

Height Restriction Barriers

Bullock Rail Fencing

Safety Barriers

Palisade Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Steel, Timber & PVC Gates & Fencing

All Manufactured in Ireland

  • What is the cost of your fencing products?
    The cost of our Cork fencing varies depending on the type of fencing you require. Get in touch with our team today for a free, no-obligation quote with no hidden charges.
  • Do you install your domestic fencing?
    Yes. We offer full installation services on all domestic fencing for customers across Cork and the surrounding areas.
  • Do you sell garden fencing?
    Yes, we’re a leading supplier of Cork garden fencing. As well as providing standard timber fencing, we provide concrete and PVC fencing solutions for use in gardens.
  • How do automatic gates work?
    Automatic gates work using electricity and can be opened using either a pin code on the gates or a small transmitter to open them hands-free. They offer enhanced security as they cannot be opened by hand.
  • Do you sell steel automatic gates?
    Yes, we sell a selection of steel automatic gates for customers all over Cork.
  • Can automatic gates be installed on any fencing?
    Yes, automatic gates can be installed on almost any kind of fencing. Get in touch with Cronin Fencing today for more information on our automatic gates installation process.
  • How much does a PVC gate cost?
    This varies greatly depending on the type of gate you require. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on our full range of PVC gates.
  • I’m looking for a PVC fencing supplier near me- where are you based?
    Cronin Fencing is a Cork PVC fencing supplier based in Macroom, Co. Cork. We sell fencing to domestic and commercial customers across Cork and the surrounding areas.
  • Do you install PVC fencing?
    Yes, we offer full PVC fencing installation services.
  • What are the benefits of glass balconies?
    Beyond its aesthetic appeal, balcony glazing brings many advantages to your property. In addition to expanding your living space, boosting energy efficiency, and elevating your property's value, balcony glazing provides an additional level of security to your residence.
  • How can I request a railing or balcony quote?
    Please get in touch with our team today with details of your proposed project, and we can offer you a quote.
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  • Do you sell bespoke fencing?
    Yes, all of our fencing is bespoke and made and fitted to order.
  • Do you install your products?
    Yes, we offer full gate and fencing installation services for customers across Co. Cork and the surrounding areas.
  • I’m looking for a fencing provider near me- what’s your catchment area?
    Cronin Fencing is a Cork fencing provider offering a range of fences and gates to customers across Cork and the surrounding areas. We’re based in Kilnarovanagh, Marcroom.
  • What type of fencing do you provide?
    We provide a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial fencing options, with options available including Cork PVC fencing, chain link fencing, timber fencing, concrete fencing, and more.
  • Can you install bespoke fencing?
    Yes, our commercial fencing can be made to order for a fully bespoke and personalised service.
  • How much does commercial fencing cost?
    The price of commercial fencing varies depending on the type of fencing you require and whether you require a gate installed alongside it. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on our commercial Cork fencing today.
  • What is the best fencing for a commercial property?
    This all depends on the type of property you own, but most commercial properties will opt for steel fencing and/or concrete fencing for enhanced security for their commercial property.
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